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A Tax Deduction Tracking app for Entrepreneurs.

deductr is a web and mobile app that tracks–you guessed it–deductions. The Salt Lake City based company has already helped tens of thousands of self employed entrepreneurs track their deduction through their desktop webapp, but recognized the need for a update to their web UI, and a complete redesign of their mobile app.

Previous App Design

Though functional for thousands of users, the previous web app was a mix of skeuomorphism and flat design, this is it's much needed update. Discussions with users revealed a frustration with the outdated design, and the lack of ease of use. Users wanted more features from the webapp on the mobile app, including banklink. But loved mobile feature such as automatic mileage tracking that some of our competitors had. After discussions with the client and developers, we set some realistic and measurable goals, and then started building a backlog.

How can we discover the most loved features from the webapp and employ them in the mobile platform, making it intuitive and easy to use, without sacrificing the features that make the webapp so successful.

Information Architecture

One of out first goals, was to take a look at the way information was organized on the app, and address the Information Architecture. After employing card sorting, user interviewing, and meetings with stakeholders to identify areas of strength and areas that can be improved, I created this flow map the guide the direction of design and development.

Employ card sorting, user interviewing, and meetings with stakeholders to identify areas of strength and areas that can be inproved. Then, create an user flow map and information architecture with roots in research.

Style Guide

The next goal was to create a general look and feel that could be applied to both the web app and mobile app, and guide the direction of my detailed designs. I started by revisiting the branding, fonts and colors. Many of which had been already employed, but not standardized. It was also important to the client that the redesign left room for growth and change overtime, and that worked the same on all platforms. We decided to use a modular styled material design, with cards that the user could potentially customize to fit their needs.

General Design

Originally the scope of this project was just meant to be a redesign of the mobile app, but as designing the app and talking to users, we recognized a problem: How to you design a modern app, modeled after a webapp, when the webapp itself needs an update? I decided to do a quick reskinning of what I thought the webapp could look like if we were to keep the general UX, but update it to be a little more modern. Then I took that card based design, from the site and modeled the app after it. This project is still ongoing, but we’ve made a lot of progress. Currently the dev team is working on implementing the signon process that I designed, and I am working on designing out each page based on the approved mockup above.

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