A little about me. 

I'm a Digital Strategist, Project Manager, Account Manager, and hopelessly addicted to street tacos. I have a passion for digital strategy and making things happen. I'm not a ninja, but I do have some serious digital chops; including experience with Adwords, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, and email marketing. My experience has taught me that Project Management is more than managing a calendar. It's about understanding people, understanding the digital tools available, and being resourceful. Most importantly, it's about helping you and your client grow together. 

To me, the most exciting projects are the ones you get to dive in deep, understand the users, conceptualize, research, test, design, and iterate; Moving intelligently through each phase of the product development cycle. I've had the incredible opportunity to manage teams of developers and UX designers at VOLTAGE in Boulder CO, and Currently NUVI. I’ve led the creation of 12 websites, two apps, dozens of digital campaigns, and thousands of lines of copy. I’ve fostered relationships with clients like GroupM, AOL, adidas, and grew our Reebok Copywriting account by 240%. I know what it takes to bring a product from conceptualization to realization, on time and in budget.Most importantly, I’ve learned that management is more than deadlines, and budgets (though those are critical), it’s about the difference you can make in your consumer's life. It’s about fostering a spirit of innovation and creativity within your team. It’s about the people you work with, and being the type of person that can communicate clearly, and compassionately.